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Use of Showground

The Yass Showground is private property, owned by the Yass Show Society and managed by its volunteers.  Due to insurance requirements, for members of the general public to use the grounds, they must either be members of the Yass Show Society or hire the grounds.  Either way, the Secretary must be notified, preferably by email, if the grounds are going to be used.  This will ensure there are no conflicts of activities and any risks are managed.

No metal detecting is allowed on the Yass Showground.


Yass Show Society Members are able to use the grounds for riding horses and other passive activities, with prior approval from Secretary.  Membership is available all year round.  Casual hire of stables/covered yards is also available for non-members at a cost of $15/night.


The Showground or parts thereof are able to be hired for events and functions.  Download the application form and return to Secretary to request a booking.  Participants of horse events must book stables/covered yards as per the conditions of entry for that event.  This is usually done by emailing the Yass Show Society Secretary.

Commercial operators, such as farriers, vets etc, are required to hire the Showground to undertake any professional activities on the Showground.  Hirers of the grounds must have $20m public liability insurance.

The use of remote control devices, such as drones, cars etc, is not permitted unless grounds are hired for that specific purpose and insurances provided.  The hitting of golf balls and use of metal detectors on the grounds is not permitted.

Camping is available at the Yass Showground.

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