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Camping on Showground and Stable Hire

Yass Show Society owns and manages the Yass Showground (we are not a Council owned Showground)


Short-term camping available for all types of campers (other than during the Yass Show and any other events as mentioned below).  

You can book and pay for camping below ($20 per night flat fee, which includes use of showers, power and water). 

Stable hire can also be booked ($15 per night/day, showers $5 extra):

CAMPING (showers included) & STABLE HIRE (showers extra) BOOKINGS -








Power and water is available on the Showground, in the camping area to the right as you enter the grounds.  No prior arrangements need to be made for your arrival, as the show office is generally unattended.  There are no concrete pads or manicured areas for camping, it is primitive camping.

- toilet/shower block is located a short walk from campsites near stables.  Toilets are temporarily unavailable at the Stadium during its demolition).  Toilets are supplied with hand soap and paper towels, however campers must supply all other cleaning and hygiene equipment.  Please leave the facilities as you would like to find them, as the Yass Showground is not a Council owned or managed ground and there is not a Caretaker onsite. 


- please take your rubbish with you where possible, as the Yass Show Society has to pay for rubbish removal - there is no Council rubbish collection service for the Showground.  Volunteers will check the grounds periodically and remove rubbish when needed. 

- You must book and pay for your site, as per above.  If, for some reason, you are unable to do so, the Honesty Box is located at the western side of the Grandstand building, and we thank you for your support!!  Please put your details on an envelope or piece of paper (name, phone, email, rego).  If one of our volunteers is around, they will approach you for payment, and will issue a receipt on the spot.

Short-term camping (less than 3 weeks) is available on the Yass Showground throughout the year, other than on the Yass Show weekend and other events where the whole showground is booked - these are noted in the online booking availability above.  Unattended tents are not permitted for more than 48 hours, as per our Council permissions.  Therefore, please ensure you put a note with payment in the honesty box on arrival.

The showground is pet friendly.  You are permitted to bring dogs, however please be responsible as to their activities and keep them on a lead.  We have sheep residing on the Showground.

Video of camping area at Yass Showground

You can find a map of the Showground layout at Show time here.  The camping area is located in the Side Show and Heritage Walk area.  Showers for camping are located adjacent to the Rodeo Arena (21 on map).

The Honesty Box is located on the outside of the Show Office on the western side of the Grandstand.

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