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CHIEF STEWARD:            Anne Hazell (0419 497846)

ENTRY FEES:                  Free, no prizemoney unless stated, prize cards only

ENTRY SUBMISSION:       Email Entry Form to by 1 pm Tuesday 12 March 2024

                                     or bring with you when delivering your exhibits to the Bruce Merriman Pavilion

                                     between 1pm – 6 pm Tuesday 12 March 2024.

                                     Entry Forms can be downloaded from the website.

ENTRY COLLECTION:       Entries can be collected between 10 am and 12 pm on Sunday 17 March 2024.



  • Please make sure that your scarecrow is either self-supporting or can be driven into a straw bale.

  • Straw bales will be available, but BYO would be appreciated.





1.            Junior (12 years and under)

2.            Secondary (13-17 years)

3.            Family (a joint effort!)

4.            Schools – Junior (12 years and under)

5.            Schools – Secondary (13 – 18 Years)

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