Saturday 25th March 2017   
Stock Contractors  
AUGH George Hempenstall; AUGM Garry McPhee   
AULM L&M Rodeo Co. AUMF Ford Bucking Co.   
Round 1 First Section presented by: Boot's & Buckles      
1 Guy Ford  [1]           Capella QLD         Red Rat          AUGH    Coleen Stirton
2 Ben Gooding  [1]      Biloela QLD          Bob Cat          AUGH    Let's Dig Excavation
3 Aaron Kleier  [1]       Clermont QLD      Stealth            AUGH    B & V Engineering
4 Ethan Watts  [1]       Tamworth NSW    Rough Head    AUGM    IA & VP Roberston
5 Cliff Richardson  [1]  Gresford NSW       Sand Blaster   AUGM    Mick Downey Dozer Hire
6 Braydon Wellby  [1]  Townsville QLD     Little Joe        AUGM    Yass Sign's
7 Michael Smith  [1]     Tully QLD            Stumpy          AUGM     Matt Fitzsimmons
8 Roy Dunn  [1]           Proserpine QLD    No Excuse      AUGM     Ned Lawerence
9 Wayne Crisp  [1]       Yass NSW            Spot On         AULM     David Griffin
10 Cody Heffernan  [1] Singleton QLD      Candy Cane    AULM     North Side Take Away
Round 1 Second Section presented by: Peter Fitzgerald Livestock      
11 Mitchell Loudon  [1]  Capella QLD        Shackles            AULM     Bush's Bus Service
12 Harry Bridges  [1]     Allora QLD          Got the Cane      AULM     Firth's Furinture & Bedding
13 Ben Thorpe              NSW                   Crazy Cane        AULM     Boot's & Buckles
14 Nick Jenkin               Mount Low QLD  Chain Reaction   AULM      Peter Downey
15 Sam O'Connor  [1]    Tully QLD           Narcane             AULM      Barton"s Curtain's & Blinds
16 Matt Pfingst  [1]       Texas QLD          Windy Gate        AUGH      Catriona & Robert McAuliffle
17 Budd Williamson  [1] Ayr QLD             Jesse                 AUGH      Landscape Plus
18 Rohan Markham  [1] Ravenshoe QLD   Maximum Rat     AUGH      Rhonda Payne & Mark Rattenbury
19 Sonny Schafferius [1]Dysart QLD         Buffalo Bill          AUGH     Allcot Hire
20 Eddie Carlon  [1]       Lyndhurst QLD    Unspeckable Act AUGM     Russell & Lorraine Derwent
Round 1 Third Section presented by: Yass Valley Tyre Service      
21 Josh Birks  [1]           Merriwa NSW       Beau                AUGM     Ray Meredith & Son Shearing Contractors
22 Matt Goodwin            Wyreema QLD     Doin It              AUGM     Can Do Earthmovers
23 Aaron Kleier  [2]        Clermont QLD      Cooked             AUGM     Vale View PTY LTD
24 Cody Heffernan  [2]   Singleton QLD      Hijacked           AUMF      Jason Todd Mowing & Maintance
25 Roy Dunn  [2]           Proserpine QLD    Big Hustle         AUMF       B & G Plumbling
26 Braydon Wellby  [2]   Townsville QLD    Gangster          AULM       Patches Asphalt
27 Cliff Richardson  [2]   Gresford NSW      Outlaw             AULM       DB & SM Pollack
28 Michael Smith  [2]     Tully QLD             Mr Cane           AULM       MA Steel
29 Ben Gooding  [2]       Biloela QLD          Troublemaker   AULM       Ray Meredith & Son Shearing Contractors
30 Guy Ford  [2]            Capella QLD         Mr Nimble         AUGH      O'Sullivan Rural Waste
Round 1 Fourth Section presented by: Australian Hotel      
31 Ethan Watts  [2]          Tamworth NSW   Motely Crew     AUGH      Frank Grace
32 Sonny Schafferius  [2]  Dysart QLD         Bob Cat (2)      AUGH      Tony Murphy
33 Budd Williamson  [2]    Ayr QLD             Eight Gauge      AUGH      Luff Motors
34 Josh Birks  [2]             Merriwa NSW      Hell Bent          AULM      Cavan Station
35 Wayne Crisp  [2]          Yass NSW          Cane Train        AULM      Yass Valley Automotive & Off Road
36 Matt Pfingst  [2]           Texas QLD         Sugar Cane       AULM      Gordon Allen
37 Rohan Markham  [2]     Ravenshoe QLD  Broken Promise AUGM      Scanes Family
38 Mitchell Loudon  [2]      Capella QLD       Not Forgiven     AULM      McGlone's Homes
39 Sam O'Connor  [2]        Tully QLD          Rough Head (2) AUGM     Bruce Topfer
40 Harry Bridges  [2]         Allora QLD         Stumpy (2)        AUGM     Australian Hotel
Championship Round presented by: In Mermory Richard Hempenstall      
1    Twisted Cane         AULM           Boot's & Buckles
2    Crooked Nose         AUGH          Allcot Hire
3    Just For Fun           AUGM          Murrunbateman Rural Supplies
4    Ray Ban                 AUGH          Brindabella Stock Feed
5    Orphan Joe            AULM           Peter Fitzgerald Livestock
6    Bar None               AUGM           O'Sullivan Rural Waste
7    Freight Train          AULM            Australian Hotel
8    Red Rat                 AUGH           Patmore Elictrical
9    Mr Too Good          AUGM           Yass Earthmovers
10  Little Chalky           AUGM            Yass Valley Tyre Service